Web Design

At a high level, the design process for websites and web applications is documented below.
Please contact us for details and to discuss your needs.


We discuss with you what you are looking for, your needs, goals, likely users/customers, what message you''d like to send, what are you trying to accomplish, etc.


We define what is the scope of the work based on the requirements as well as create a plan, what will be completed when to ensure your timeline expectations are met


We create sample pages, layouts, look and feel to discuss with you, get feedback and to understand your likes and dislikes


Once the final design is agreed on, we build the web pages, create the necessary content, graphics, other media and anything else needed to complete the work


We complete the initial testing using various browsers (IE, Chrome, Firefox, Safari) and devices (Windows desktops/laptops, tablets, android, iOS) before turning it over to you to test as well to ensure everything is working as expected and it meets your needs.

Go Live

When the system has been agreed upon, thouroughly tested and signed off, you are ready for Launch Day - when everyone gets to see the new site. Prepare to answer some questions from users who are new to the site. Also, be ready to make some quick changes - fix links or some images, or any other items needing attention


Ensure that all areas of the site are working correctly and performing well. Keep the content current to entice users to come back often.