Control-Me Control Panel - Windows NT
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The Makfinity web-based Control-Me Web Panel for Windows NT accounts is a powerful tool you can use to manage and customize your account. Your Control-Me Web Control Panel is available at:

Please note that not all of the features described and pictured below may be available to you. Feature availability is dependent upon which account type you have. Please refer to our Hosting Plans section where you can learn more about the options that are available for your specific hosting plan.

Control-Me Layout Super User Password
File Permissions Domain Pointers and Subdomains
Webtrends Reports MS Access Database
Disk Usage and Bandwidth FrontPage Extensions
FTP Users Web Based E-Mail
E-Mail Users and Aliases Predefined Scripts

Control-Me Layout:

The Control-Me window is divided into two areas. On the top you have the menu/tabs for account administration. Each option is described in greater detail below. In the middle section, the "Account Overview" shows your account details and status, including your IP address, server name, type of hosting plan you purchased, and number of POP3 accounts in use. All of this is on the Home tab. There are four additional tabs across the top: Web, Users, DNS, and Tools.

Web - File Permissions:

This Option allows you to setup and/or modify permissions on each of the files you have created. There are some basic permission types setup with radio buttons, or for more advanced users, you can setup any permissions you would like for each file.

Web - Webtrend Reports:

This is the place to setup your hit statistics report by Webtrends. Here you can setup the type of the report, timeframe to be included, whether you want a one-time report or an ongoing report, and finally how you want it delivered. For example you can setup for a weekly report to be e-mailed to your mail box.

Web - Disk Usage and Bandwidth:

Under the Web tab, last two options are Disk Usage and Bandwidth Usage. Disk Usage shows you how much disk space you are currently using and your allotted disk space. Bandwidth report is setup the same way. It shows you your up to date monthly bandwidth used and your total allowed monthly bandwidth.

Users - FTP Users:

This is the place where you can setup new and modify current FTP accounts. Here you can modify passwords, setup different rights for each FTP user, as well as delete existing users.

Users - E-Mail Users and Aliases:

E-mail Users is where you can setup all your e-mail accounts as well as autoresponders. You can create/modify/delete e-mail accounts, setup passwords for these accounts, setup their authority, as well as setup e-mail forwarding for each of the e-mail accounts.

E-Mail Aliases is where you can create/modify/delete all your e-mail aliases and setup which e-mail accounts each alias goes to.

Users - Super User Password:

This is the place to modify your master or "superuser" password for your master/administrator account.

DNS - Domain Pointers and Subdomains:

Domain Pointers - a way for you to setup domain pointers for other domains. Subdomains are underneath your domain, for example, sales is a subdomain. This is the place to set these up.

Tools - MS Access Database:

ODBC Manager is where you setup your MS Access databases. Please note that each WIndows NT hosting plan provides you with 2 DSN databases and unlimited number of DSN-less databases.

Web - FrontPage Extensions:

This is the place where you can install your Microsoft FrontPage extensions for your use. These are only needed when you will be using MS FrontPage as your web development tool. Here you can also uninstall them as well as check and repair them. Please refer to FrontPage FAQ for more information.

Web Based E-Mail:

Predefined Scripts:

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