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The Makfinity web-based Control Panel for Unix accounts is a powerful tool you can use to manage and customize your account. Your Control Panel is available at:

http://IPaddress/menu/ ("IPaddress" is the numerical address for your account, and was listed in your Welcome letter. When you receive your domain name, you may also use http://yourdomain/menu/ ).

Please note that not all of the features described and pictured below may be available to you. Feature availability is dependent upon which account type you have. Please refer to our Hosting Plans section where you can learn more about the options that are available for your specific hosting plan.

Control Panel Layout   PGP
AnonFTP   PGPMail
Archive Manager   Protect Directories
Change Password   Redirect URL
Counters   Resource Meter
File manager   Search Engine
Formmail   Secure Server
Java Servlets (new!)   Shopping Cart
Mail Manager   Site Creation Tool
Mailing List   Site Statistics
Mime Types   SSH Telnet
MS Frontpage   Web Based E-mail
MySQL Database

Control Panel Layout:
The control panel is divided into three areas. In the upper left hand corner, the "Account Glance" shows your account details and status, while the "Usage" shows your disk quota, how much disk space you have utilized and how much is remaining in your plan. The rest of the screen ("Options") is filled with icons which represent tools for you to manage and customize your account. Each is described in greater detail below.


This Option sets up anonymous FTP to allow users to upload and download files to and from your site. Please refer to the General FAQ for more detailed information on anonymous FTP.

Archive Manager:

The Archive Manager will allow you to backup and compress your files. For example, if you have a number of files for which you wish to keep a backup, you can select all the files, then create a backup file that contains all of them in compressed format. Note that the compressed file will count against your disk quota.

Change Password:

This will allow you to change your password. Note that this will change the FTP and Control Panel password, but *not* the e-mail password. To change the e-mail password, use the Mail Manager.


From this option, you can verify that the counter program is installed for your account. Also, you can find directions for setting up a counter on one of your pages. Finally, after the counter has been installed on your pages, you can set the value of the counter from here.

File Manager:

The File Manager is a very powerful feature. It allows you to manipulate all the files in your web site. You are able to create, delete, and move your files. You can also upload files from your local PC to the server in File Manager. Plus, you can edit the HTML in any of your files from this option. Everything you need to manage your site can be found in this feature.


Formmail allows you to use a form to receive e-mail from your users. Directions for using Formmail can be found under this option. Please refer to the General FAQ for more detailed information on Formmail.

Java Servlets:

Java Servlets is a new service for Makfinity.com - the Java Servlets button in your Control Panel will create a "servlet zone" for servlets, much like the CGI-BIN for CGI/Perl scripts. Servlets are like CGI/Perl scripts - they are server-side bodies of code that make things happen on the server, and create dynamic interaction with web pages, databases, etc. Please see our Java Servlets page for more information.

Mail Manager:

The Mail Manager is where you can manage all aspects of your e-mail accounts. You can add, edit, and delete e-mail accounts. You can also change the password on any of your e-mail accounts. Plus, if you have Mailing Lists installed, you would go here to set them up. Finally, this is where you go if you wish to set up e-mail aliases. Please refer to the General FAQ for more detailed information on the Mail Manager, and your e-mail options.

Mailing List:

This Options allows you to install the Mailing List program. After it has been installed, you need to create and maintain your mailing lists with the Mail Manager. You can also remove the mailing list program after it has been installed if you do not wish to use it. Please refer to the General FAQ for more detailed information on the Mail Manager, and your e-mail options.

Mime Types:

MIME Types allows you to set certain programs to be used for specific extensions. For example, all files that end in .ram would be set to use Real Player on the user's PC. Most users do not need to use this feature. Also, note that you cannot use this feature if you have Frontpage Extensions installed. You would need to use Frontpage itself to perform this function.

MS Frontpage:

The MS Frontpage option allows you to install Frontpage extensions - which are necessary in order to use Frontpage with your site. You can also verify that they are installed, or remove them if you do not wish to use them anymore. Please refer to the Frontpage FAQ for more detailed information on using Frontpage 97/98/2000 with your Makfinity account.

MySQL Database:

MySQL is a powerful database engine that you can use with your web site. This feature of the Control Panel will allow you to create a new MySQL database, and manage it. You will be able to add/edit/delete tables, fields, and values. You can also run queries on the database if you need to. We can only provide limited technical support in using MySQL outside of what is provided on your control panel. Please refer to MySQL's Web Site for complete tutorials and troubleshooting solutions and documentation.


This option will alow you to set up your PGP key on the server. This allows you to use PGP in your scripts or with our PGPMail script. You must first have PGP installed on your local PC, and create a PGP key pair before uploading the key to the server.


PGPMail is simply the Formmail script, except that it encrypts the e-mail via PGP before it is sent to the client. This option includes directions for using PGPMail. Note that you must upload your PGP key before you can use this script.

Protect Directories:

Using this option, you can password-protect any directory you own. This will prevent users from viewing the contents of a directory unless they have permission. You can set any number of users using this feature. Note that you cannot use this feature if you have Frontpage Extensions installed. You would need to use Frontpage itself to perform this function. Please refer to the Frontpage FAQ for more detailed information on using Frontpage 97/98/2000 with your Makfinity account.

Redirect URL:

Redirect URL allows you to set up a redirection so that user that type in one URL will automatically be sent to another URL. Note that you cannot use this feature if you have Frontpage Extensions installed. You would need to use Frontpage itself to perform this function.

Resource Meter:

Resource Meter option shows you 4 things. First, it shows you how much disk space you have used up. Second, it shows you number of e-mail accounts that you have set up. Third, it shows you the Mailing List usage and finally, it shows you the Transfer Usage.

Search Engine:

This feature will allow you to install and manage the WebGlimpse Search Engine on your site. This Search Engine will allow your users to perform searches on your web site.

Secure Server:

Secure Server feature allows you to set up a secure certificate for your site from Verisign or Thawte.

Shopping Cart:

The Shopping Cart feature installs or removes the AlaCart Shopping Cart program on your site. After it is installed, you are given directions for managing the Cart.

Site Creation Tool:

This is a graphical web-based program that gives you the ability to set up your web site from scratch, without any knowledge of HTML, or the use of a program like MS FrontPage. After the site is created, you can make it your main domain's page, or you can have it be a subdirectory under your main domain.

Site Statistics:

The Site Statistics feature gives you access to your site's web statistics, such as hits, transfers, etc.

SSH Telnet:

As the Internet grows it is more frequently the subject of security breaches. The easiest way to hack a web site is to setup a sniff program, usually at an ISP and grab the username and password where a user is logging into. This is very easily done when a client uses Telnet because Telnet passes all information to the server in clear text. Successful hack attempts result in damaged or destroyed sites, stolen information, and unhappy clients.
Makfinity.com now has one of the most secure networks thanks to the cooperation of all shell account users who are abandoning Telnet and accessing their account via Secure Shell (SSH). SSH does not pass any information in clear text but rather uses secure encryption.

To get started with SSH, you must do the following:

A. Acquire client side software
There are two companies we recommend who sell client versions of SSH.

1) The most stable is SecureCRT. They have a 30 day free trial available at their web site. SecureCRT is at http://www.vandyke.com/products/SecureCRT/.

2) A stable international version is available at Datafellows http://www.datafellows.com/download-purchase/

Users looking for a free version or users outside the United States should file through the free implementations at


Pay attention to the totally free internationally available ttssh:


Makfinity must enable SSH on your server for your account.

B. Follow the SSH client side software instructions to generate an RSA key.

C. Fax a photo ID along with your domain name, e-mail address, and a brief sentence requesting SSH support. Fax to 208-567-7049 or if you want you can scan your ID and attach the image to an e-mail request and send it that way.

D. Install the key in the SSH section of your Makfinity.com account control panel.

E. On the next screen, enter your "Access Addresses". We recommend using (1) the main IP address you come from (if available), and (2) a truncated ISP "from" address like *.aol.com or *.earthlink.net

Web Based E-mail:

Web Based E-mail feature allows you to check your e-mail from anywhere, anytime. All you need is access to the Internet from any computer.

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